Laboratoire CCD is leader in the Assisted Reproduction Technology industry, has a long history of developing superior products with high clinical value for Assisted Reproduction Technologies and Ob/Gyn general practice.

With 30 years of product development and manufacturing experience, Laboratoire CCD has become a leader in design and quality in the medical device field for women’s health, such as Assisted Reproduction Technology, prenatal detection, cancer screening and other areas in functional exploration for gynecology.

Embryo Transfer Catheters
CCD engineers, scientists and manufacturing operators are worldwide leaders in the design and development of polymer based catheters. Laboratoire CCD’s expert “hand crafted”, best-in-class design methods ensure and deliver performance and quality in all areas of In Vitro Fertilization. Our embryo transfer catheters provide a solution for every clinical case.

Frydman® Ultrasoft Echo Frydman® Ultrasoft


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