K-SYSTEMS Kivex Biotec

K-SYSTEMS Kivex Biotec A/S is the market leader within development, manufacturing, and sale of innovative and well-designed equipment to the professional IVF Clinics. All our equipment is developed and produced at our premises in Denmark. Our range of equipment enable laboratory technicians to perform IVF techniques in safe and ergonomical conditions, and are categorized as:

IVF Workstations including ICSI and IMSI benches
Laminar Flow Hoods for Andrology
Long Term Incubators
Short Term Incubators
Anti-vibration tables
QA & QC laboratory devices
Warming Blocks and Glass Hoods

K-SYSTEMS aim is to continuously provide you with innovative and professional products enabling the best and safest conditions to perform IVF techniques and to achieve good results.

Integra 3™

The world’s most advanced micromanipulation system.

Saturn 5

The pioneer of moveable lasers for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

RI Witness

ART Management System


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