Kitazato is one of the leading companies, at an international level, in research, development and manufacture of medical and biotechnological products for human reproduction.

One of our largest contributions in the field of reproduction has been the development of the Cryotop® Method, the system which popularised the revolutionary technique of Vitrification and secured its implementation at a global level. During the last decade, numerous professionals have placed their trust in the fantastic results offered by the Cryotop® Method, making it the undisputed market leader in vitrification of oocytes and embryos, in all states of development.

Unlike other brands of the sector, Kitazato has developed its whole portfolio internally. Today we have over 550 references for Ovarian Puncture Needles, Embryo Transfer Catheters, Pipettes, Vitrification Equipment and Cultivation Equipment.

Vitrification and Warming Media

Cryotop @ Open System

Cryotop @ Closed System


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