Labotect – located in the centre of Germany – develops, produces and internationally distributes a wide range of products for use in assisted reproduction, medical surgery and life-science laboratories. The outstanding quality of Labotect products is documented by EC- and ISO 13485-certificates as well as the fact, that Labotect products are registered in more than 40 countries worldwide. High quality standards and close contact to the customers are two important pillars of the company’s philosophy for more than 45 years.

Incubation technique is one of the key competence areas of LabotectWell-conceived accessories are available, such as various filters, software and measuring devices for the control of parameters.

In addition to incubation technique the wide product range of the company includes heating devices, cooling and cryo preservation technique, devices and consumables for assisted reproduction (ART). Moreover, Labotect produces lab equipment and sterile products for gynecological and general surgery, such as the HSO-catheter, insemination catheter and embryo transfer catheter as well as various needles for follicle aspiration and microinjection pipettes.

Embryo Transfer Catheter Set

Labo C-Top Incubator


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